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Let’s accelerate innovation.
We are a diverse and progressive group of innovators, known for our boldness, relentlessness, and drive towards tomorrow's experiences and technologies.
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Accelerating innovation and fostering collective passion since 2016.
In 2016, Narayan Subramanium and Niraj Rajmohan developed the Ultraviolette F77, a machine that wasn't just the fastest electric motorcycle in India, but also the safest and most efficient. A game-changer that captured the attention of the world.
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Rediscover your calling!
At Ultraviolette, we value and nurture individuals who understand what it takes to leap ahead. This is the space where the best idea wins and where one can break through personal barriers and overcome challenges to compete at the highest possible level.

If your calling reflects the tenacity to be at the top of the world, to be a key component of this sweeping revolution, you're made of the right stuff for us.


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